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We are inviting paper from the field of engineering science and technology such as :

From the field of Engineering From the field of Management
Aerospace Engineering Business policies, strategies, and performance 
Applied engineering Business and retail research 
Architectural engineering Business security and privacy issues 
Automation and Mechatronics engineering Consumer behaviour 
Biological engineering Emerging advances in business and its applications 
Biotechnology and Bio Engineering Innovation and product development 
Chemistry International business issues 
Chemical engineering Management and retail marketing 
Civil and Architecture Engineering Marketing management and strategies 
Computer Networking and Security Relationship management 
Computer Science Risk Management 
Electrical engineering Retail Management and communication 
Electronics engineering HRM and Retail Business 
Environmental engineering Organizational Behaviour 
Financial engineering Management Development 
Geo-engineering Accounting and Finance 
Hardware engineering Business Ethics 
Industrial engineering Equality, Diversity and Inclusion 
Information technology Strategic Management 
Marine and Agriculture engineering Marketing
Material and Chemical Engineering Operations Management 
Mathematics R&D Management 
Mechanical engineering Business Economics 
Military engineering Public Sector Management 
Nuclear engineering Research Method 
Ocean engineering Business ethics and legal issues 
Petroleum engineering Law and management
Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics Innovation in Retail Management
Planetary engineering Demographics and Retail Business
Software engineering New venture start-up
System Engineering MIS and Retail Management
Textile engineering Retail buying
Engineering Education  

and other relevant fields........